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Can Google Ads Generate Real Leads?

The short answer is YES! Google Ads (previously known as Adwords) has been proven to generate sales leads fast and help build awareness of companies online. Google owns the worlds largest online display advertising network, giving you a variety of possibilities when it comes to where you want to advertise. Whether you want your ad to appear before a YouTube video or at the top of the Google search results, you can, with little planning, show your ad in the right place at the right time.

Where’s the proof that Google Ads can really generate leads?

We’re still pretty new to the Google Ads game, but we don’t deny that it can definitely help a local business out when it comes to building up a client list. 88% of customers use the internet to find a local business. Think about it, you’re in a new town and you need to find somewhere nice to eat, what do you do? Get your phone out and search ‘restaurants near me’. BOOM, Google finds all the restaurants near you and you may often choose one from page one of the results and call them to book a table. That’s a lead from Google Ads.

It’s not just retail businesses that can benefit from Google Ads. Let’s say you need to find a freight company in Bradford to export your products overseas, 9 times out of 10 you would search ‘sea freight companies Bradford’ and call the first one that popped up on search results. That is another lead thanks to Google Ads.

I still don’t think this is enough to say it can generate leads?

You don’t know until you try with Google Ads. It’s said that for every £0.78 you spend on a Google Ads campaign, you make an average of £1.55 in revenue, according to these Google Ads experts. It is also said that 70% of mobile users call a business directly from a Google search. With a total number of 4.57 billion people carrying a mobile phone in 2018, it’s no lie that most of your leads could come from a Google search on a mobile phone.

Still need convincing or want to give it a try?

Having a Google Ads certified team, we are able to help you with everything you need to know about running a Google Ad campaign and give you the best results by determining what keywords and budgets will work best for you. Get in touch today to see how we can implement Google Ads into your new business campaign.