My: Packaging

The Brief

A campaign to promote the own-brand line of products for Supplies Team took a number of routes.


The packaging restyle used a harmonious palette of colours complied with a playful illustration style that made each piece striking and memorable.

The Approach

The second phase of the work involved  “Looking at ordinary things in an extraordinary way” as part of the latest brief from Supplies Team Solutions, one of the top three Stationery suppliers in Europe. We’re developing the new corporate brochure to showcase their work to some of Europe’s largest corporate and public sector organisations.

Its was a delight to commission Monty Rakusen again, one of the UK’s most respected photographers, to work with us creating the images. The shoot entailed working at the client’s offices in Bradford examines the way in which ordinary objects can take on an extraordinary life of their own. The images, some of which can be seen here will form the backdrop to a number of the marketing projects that we are working on as well as providing a useful resource for the in-house team.

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