The Brief

To design a high-profile brand identity for Facilities Management Company Romec. From the creation of the brand, we were also asked to produce a Corporate Guidelines document for use in the production of marketing collateral moving forwards. From here we rolled out the brand across all marketing materials to create a strong cohesive identity.

The Approach

For a large Corporate client branding is key, there are no room for branding disasters and the company must look polished in every aspect from stationery to van design to creation of a website around the brand. From presentation of the brand designs, the board chose an identity which was simple but so effective. Beautiful and simple finishing touches were added to the brand such as the FM trademark style text in the position of what would be a TM. The branding and its strength have been carried through guidelines, mailers, brochures, website and many other online and offline mediums. A striking piece of branding

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