Supplies Team

Supplies Team

The Brief

The creation of the 900 page+ annual Supplies Team catalogue is a huge event for the internal Design and Marketing team but as with any document this size it needs regular reviewing to ensure that it represents or remains on brand.

The Approach

Research had revealed that the first 30+ introduction pages of densely packed user information was usually skipped over by users as being too dry, irrelevant or just the usual ‘yada yada’. As part of the wider rebranding exercise, we were commissioned to completely re-invent this section. Starting from first principles we pruned and rewrote content, removing anything that wasn’t strictly relevant and established an ‘authenticate tone of voice. for the brand. Coupled with an entirely new, simplified navigation, price/product promise and a clean modern layout we nearly halved the number of pages required whilst dramatically improving their impact. This had the effect of reinforcing the brand, its values and acting as a key element of the proposition.

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