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Is print dead? Not quite! 5 reasons why print matters

Print matters? When did you last get a flyer or brochure in your postbox?

Did you chuck it straight in the bin without even giving it a glance? I know we’re living in a digital world where everything is just a click away, but hear me out. Printing is not an old-fashioned way of marketing and can still be relevant if done right.

Let me give you 5 reasons why you should consider using print in your marketing strategy.

Print matters.

Reason 1. Tangible and memorable

Printed materials, like brochures, business cards, or postcards, provide a tangible experience that digital marketing can’t offer. People can touch, feel, and even smell the paper. This sensory experience can create a lasting impression and make your brand more memorable.

Reason 2. Credibility

Printed materials give your brand credibility. Anyone can create a website or a social media account, but it takes effort and investment to create a polished brochure or a high-quality business card.

By investing in print, you show your customers that you’re committed to your brand and take pride in your business.

Reason 3. Targeted and personal

Printed materials allow you to target specific audiences and make your message more personal. You can send a personalised postcard to a particular demographic, or leave a brochure at a local business that caters to your target audience.

By tailoring your message to a specific audience, you increase the chances of your message being heard and acted upon.

Reason 4. Less competition

Digital marketing is getting increasingly crowded, with more and more businesses fighting for attention on social media or search engines. Print can be a way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

By using print, you can reach audiences that may not be reachable through digital channels.

Reason 5. Longevity

Printed materials have a longer lifespan than digital marketing. A brochure or a business card can sit on someone’s desk for weeks or even months, reminding them of your brand and message.

On the other hand, a social media post or an email can be quickly forgotten or lost in a sea of other messages.

Print is still a relevant and effective way of marketing if done right. By providing a tangible and memorable experience, giving your brand credibility, targeting specific audiences, standing out from the competition, and having a longer lifespan, print can be an important part of your marketing strategy.

So, don’t just toss that flyer in the bin without giving it a second thought. Give it a closer look and see if there’s something you can learn from it.

Also, always consider working with local experts, like us! Get in touch today to see what we can do to help you.