10 Key Features Every Website Must Have

Websites are a necessity for businesses nowadays. If you don’t have a website, you’re less likely to get noticed by potential customers over your competitors. Another issue might be that you have a website and it will be receiving a steady flow of traffic but it isn’t converting anything. People came to visit your site but left without any intention of visiting again and left without taking any action. Here are a few key features which can improve the interactivity of your website.

Call To Action  
Being able to show off and present your product on a digital platform looks great and depending on how you showcase it, gives you a competitive advantage over other companies. Having a call to action such as, ‘call us for a free quote now,’ or, ’Would you like to hear more about our product? Give us a call today!’, moves the sale process forward by prompting the prospect to contact you.

A Short And Easy To Find Menu  
Have your menu at the top or at the side of every page to make it easy for users to find. Keeping the menu as short as possible, around 10 or fewer items, can help users find what they’re looking for.

Crucial Business Information
A very important part of your website is displaying key information about your business where it would be most visible. Things like phone number, email address, company address, important PDF’s etc should be the easiest to see or find on your site since they are usually what the user came to your site for in the first place.

Have The Ability To Work On Every Browser
You might not think this could be an issue but it’s actually quite a common problem. All browsers work in different ways, some features of your website might work fine on Google Chrome but crash on FireFox. With the different range of browsers out there you can never be entirely sure which one your customers are using, so it’s always worth testing it on every browser.

Speed. Speed. Speed.
When we want information from somewhere, we want it instantly. If you’re website is taking more than a few seconds to load then it’s likely the user will leave the site and look for the information somewhere else, such as one of your competitors. 

Personalised About Us Page
You might think a block of text with your company’s history and what you do is enough for a user to get the low down on you but in reality no one will want to read it. Having something a bit more visual with images and small blocks of text giving key points about your business interests the customer more in your company and could result in them being more likely to buy from you.

Testimonials and Reviews
A crucial feature of any website is testimonials. Reading these helps the potential customer decide whether they should use you or not. Obviously, if all the reviews are bad they won’t use you but if you have plenty of good reviews to show off, get them on your site so that people know that they can trust your company.

Easy To Recognise Links
If you have a section of text which features outbound links but has no change of font a user won’t recognise it as a link. You need to be able to make it obvious by changing the text colour, underlining or change the colour of the text when you hover over it.

Social Media Icons At The Top Of The Page
Social media is a great way to spread word of mouth. Having your companies profiles featured as icons at the top of every page makes it easily accessible for people visiting your site aware of where they can connect with you.

Main Features Of Your Product Or Services
People want to know what it is that makes your product or service different and how much it is. If you have a base cost for your product or service, that should feature under the header image or even in it. The same goes for what makes your product/service stand out from the crowd. Having all of these placed at the top helps the user make a quicker decision on whether or not they want to buy from you.

Take action
If you’re looking to do more online, to build your brand in a meaningful way, then get in touch with us and together we can help your clients to both live and love your brand. Give us a call or drop us a line and we will be delighted to demonstrate how you can improve your website traffic.