5 Trends That Will Impact Digital Marketing in 2019

We’re only a couple days into the new year and inevitably we thought we’d blog about marketing trends for 2019.  But you know what, I reckon 2020 is the new 2019 so here are our thoughts on big marketing trends for the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence

Knowing how a customer might get in touch and for what reason is very valuable information for any business.  It can allow you to plan ahead and attain relations with your customers on their preferred platforms.  Imagine being able to forecast sales through prediction of previous incoming and outgoing business then taking appropriate action based on past correspondence and communication.

Having the ability to program advertising campaigns based on your past history on what’s worked and what’s not.  AI is now such an important part of conceptual marketing that it’s not only just available to companies with massive budgets or industry conglomerates.


We’ll keep this one in from last year as the increase of use is overwhelming.  Whether you find them creepy or interesting, chatbots are definitely turning heads and will be one of the key ingredients to B2B and B2C digital marketing success. It’s one of the smaller AI functions we’ve seen but very likely to become one of the most popular.

One example is from The BabyCentre UK which is a trusted pregnancy and childcare resource.  When the parent says their child is weaning, BabyCentre offers suggestions as to when the child is ready for solid food and engages them by asking if they want to know the other signs they should look out for.  when BabyCentre tested whether its chatbot or email marketing drove more traffic to its website, on average, the bot had an 84% “read” rate and a 53% CTR –  1,428% higher engagement rate than the email funnel. (source: www.impactbnd.com)


Now we are starting to see a segmentation in social media regarding demographic use, it’s now more apparant than previous that video advertising is increasing at an alarming rate.  Many believe video is the best type of content to guarantee a better ROI and undoubtedly video advertising will be very useful for businesses or brands looking to market their products or services.

Part of this trend is having 10-second long, bitesize adverts, ones which will appear before a video on social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook and not annoy the viewer too much by having to watch a 30-second long advert which they can’t skip. It really grabs the viewer’s attention and can get you noticed.

Voice Search

Voice search is by far not a new fad and you will be surprised about the role it will play in marketing in the coming years.  By 2020, predictions are that half of most search queries will be voice-based. This is becoming a trend in the market as users are ensured by the convenience of using it.

If your business is able to implement this into your marketing strategy you are likely to have an edge over your competitors.  What would you rather deal with, a text-based enquiry or a voice-based enquiry?  If the answer is the latter like most people prefer, then you know you’re on to a winner.

Native advertising

Native advertising, sponsored content, whatever you want to call it has been around for a number of years.  Fundamentally, it’s non-intrusive and produced well can create some excellent platforms and great customer engagement overtaking traditional digital (and print) platforms.

Transparency is key to producing a successful campaign, being open and honest about your products or services if using influencers can alleviate deceiving customers from any hidden messages.  Options to share content across other platforms allows your potential customers to assist your marketing strategy without the need for increased budgets.

Take action
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