5 ways to generate buzz when you launch a new product

We live in a very innovative generation. We’re seeing more new technology appear and new gizmo’s along with it that give the technology a purpose. It’s becoming more difficult to come up with a product that everyone will want/need since we have pretty much everything. But, you might have something that’s better than the rest of them and need help standing out from the crowd, which can be difficult.

Here are a few ways you can help launch your product from the early stages of its timeline.

Plan your launch properly:
You need to plan how you’re going to launch this product, how are you going to generate a buzz around it? How are you going to bring that product to market? These are some key questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to marketing your product. Of course, product launches take a lot of work so it is ideal to think about the step by steps you are going to take and the time you need to do this in. Maybe create a calendar to outline what you’ll be organising each day.

Find people interested in your product:
You don’t need a large group of fans to help promote your product. Get your family to get the word out, tell your friends about it and have them tell their friends. You can then have people who have shown interest in your product to help you promote it. Have them talk about it on social media or have them attend any seminars with you when you’re trying to showcase your product.

Influencer marketing:
This is quite possibly one of the most popular ways to promote a product these days. HiSmile, a teeth whitening product, are constantly using people like the Kardashians and famous singers to make it look like they use the product and to get the interest of their fans. Of course, it isn’t cheap if you want Kim Kardashian waving your product around on Instagram, you can always get the help from people who are less on the radar but still have a pretty big following.

Acquire first users by invitation only:
Make people feel special by letting only a select few use your product by invitation. Invite a group of people to test out your product for a few days to see how they feel about it. This can also help you build up reviews for your product.

Send out press releases:
If you want your product to get noticed on a national level, press releases are a real help with getting you noticed in around different regions. Whether, you want a simple advert or send out fact sheets. Our client BAHCO, regularly send out fact sheets whenever they have a new tool to launch. They always generate a big response and give customers plenty of info about the new product.

Need help launching your new invention? We can help get your product noticed!  
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