This is: Anthony

Anthony has joined the team as our new Account Manager for This Is Chemistry. His background has been working in the print and newspaper industry as well as being a professional photographer in which he specialises in event and music photography. Ant has photographed many bands and artists from Florence and The Machine to Metallica.

Working in the advertising and design industry for the last 20 years, Ant brings a wealth of experience in multimedia marketing from advert design, content writing through to marketing campaign planning across digital, print and social media platforms.  He’s an expert in digital and print promotion and a proper good all rounder.

Ant loves nothing more than enjoying music festivals with his family and was also involved in the Guiness world record for the most princesses in one place.

Here’s a collection of some of the acts he’s photographed from his portfolio.

© Anthony Longstaff Photography

With Ants photography skills, we are able to assist our clients with any professional imagery they may need for their website, social media or print media.