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Waspinator – FSDU

Once upon a time picnics and BBQs were not the pleasurable pastime they are now. Plagued by the menace of marauding wasps our fun was soon interrupted by the pesky black and yellow critters. Then Richard came along to our offices with an idea to save the world from the yellow jacketed peril and the rest is history.

We worked through concepts, created branding and test packaging to see what the reaction of retailers was then we refined and honed it over a period of months. Following its launch to the Garden centres across the UK it became the UK’s biggest selling green product in its sector.

The product caught the public imagination and Waspinator hit the big time. Interviews on TV and Radio followed including heavyweights such as The Chris Evans show and Good Morning Britain as well as regular appearances at major Trade garden shows and events.

Fast forward a few years and demand for Waspinator has continued to grow with sales throughout Europe.

It was our job to help promote the Waspinator brand across Germany and France. Creating two fantastic looking floor standing display units to showcase the product in stores across the EU.

Waspinator is quickly becoming a worldwide brand following success in the US and the UK. We’re looking forward to see what the future holds for Waspinator and how their product will spread across the globe.

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