Stone Cold Brewery

Stone Cold Brewery

The Brief

Stone Cold Brewery is one of the first UK producers of low alcoholic drinks. Their range of beers has serious credentials as low-calorie isotonic sports drinks. Stone Cold wanted us to help them get this message across.

They wanted people to know that it can be enjoyed at home, in the pub, at the gym after exersize and as an alternative to the designated driver being stuck drinking high-sugar soft drinks all night! They also wanted to erase the stigma of most none alcoholic drinks tasting nothing like the original product. Stone Cold has managed to produce an alcohol-free beverage with a fantastic taste and widespread appeal.

The brand aims to be recognised as the UK’s leading isotonic, low-alcoholic beer.

The Approach

Before we could begin the website build and the packaging projects it was essential to the brand and packaging.

StoneCold currently brew ‘Unstout’, a modern 0.9% stout and their own Blonde ale – both are delicious! We developed a design platform and narrative which looks authentic and appeals to their target audience; calorie conscious, sports-focused, predominantly younger drinkers and speaks for the brand. StoneCold drinkers Fonts, colours and images were chosen to convey substance and modernity. The phrase ‘noughty but nice’ was used to communicate the sub 1% alcohol content, great taste and the fun nature of the brand.

The next job was the website. Here, you can take a look at the story behind Stone Cold and find out more about individual drinks.  The website is there to give customers and retailers more background on who Stone Cold are and what they stand for.

StoneCold has already received a lot of praise for their packaging and for their innovative drinks. We look forward to seeing the brand develop, appearing in a supermarket near you in the near future.

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